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The SoBigData consortium consists of 12 partners from 6 member countries of the European Union (Italy, UK, Germany, Estonia, Finland, The Netherlands) and Switzerland. The core consortium has been designed to encompass the leading European research groups that contributed to shape the big social data analytics arena in the past decade. The core partners represent a mix of research centers that focus on big data from multiple perspectives: WPs • e-infrastructures (CNR, KCL, USFD) • data mining and knowledge discovery (CNR, UNIPI, AALTO, FRH, UT) • text and social media mining (USFD, KCL, UNIPI, CNR, LUH) • social network analysis (CNR, KCL, AALTO, UT, ETHZ, SNS, IMT) • web intelligence (LUH, CNR) • visual analytics (FRH) • complex network science (AALTO, SNS, IMT, ETHZ) • computational sociology and social simulation (ETHZ) All partners have extensive experience in acquiring, managing and analyzing real-world big data from heterogeneous sources and have the capacity to transform their findings into tools and technologies usable by the scientific community at large. They will also transfer to the SoBigData stakeholder community their national infrastructures, expertise, and methodologies. Therefore, the consortium as a whole has the necessary capability to establish the SoBigData RI (including big data, tools and skills), coupled with community building and transnational access activities.



Our expedition team: 12 research institutions from 7 countries (Italy, UK, Germany, Estonia, Finland, The Netherlands, and Switzerland).