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IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca is an international Graduate School, Institute of Technology and Institute for Advanced Studies that acts as a research university with the aim of forming human capital - specifically with regard to its Ph.D programs - in disciplines characterized by their high potential for concrete application. IMT strives to reach the fusion of theoretical comprehension and practical relevance.


Role in the Project

IMT will integrate in the SoBigData RI methods for social network analysis (WP10), as well as participate in the JRA activities in T9.1 on this topic, building on their expertise and methods for analyzing complex networks and systems (see projects next). They will also be involved in the networking and community building activities in the project, mainly through training and impact generation. 


EU Project

See the websites for EU Projects 654024 and 871042 for more details is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License