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King’s College London is a research university located in London and a constituent college of the University of London. KCL is represented in ESDAI by a collaboration between the King’s Social and Cultural Informatics group within the Department of Digital Humanities and the King’s Digital Society Lab. We are an international leader in the application of technology in research in the arts and humanities, and in the social sciences. Key research areas are the theory and practice of digital libraries, digital archives and digital asset management; knowledge organisation and digital information management, through all stages of the digital lifecycle; researcher practices in the digital domain, including citizen and community engagement; ICT methods for digital scholarship and research, and the formalisation of research methods through the use of ICT; and e-research infrastructures and environments.

The Department of Digital Humanities has generated over £17 million in research grants over the past 7 years, and is involved in more than 30 major research projects, with funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), the European Commission, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and organisations like the Leverhulme Trust. The Department has extensive experience in the field of research infrastructures. It has built up a world class reputation in the management and use of digital content, including standards and guides to best practice for data creation, use and preservation. The Department is playing a leading role in the FP7 Integrating Activities EHRI, DAHISH and CENDARI, and has become the major hub for research infrastructure projects in the arts and humanities in the UK.


Role in the Project

KCL will lead T4.2 on training materials for stakeholders, where a particular asset is their strong connection to the digital humanities and social informatics users of social data analytics methods and datasets. They will also lead T11.1 to build connections to existing evaluation initiatives from related fields. KCL will also be responsible for organizing one of the datathons and some of the gender and diversity training activities. With respect to JRAs, they will be involved in enhancing the SoBigData RI with text and social media mining methods. 


EU Project

See the websites for EU Projects 654024 and 871042 for more details

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