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Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa (SNS) is a public higher learning institution in Italy. It was founded in 1810 by Napoleon decree as a branch of the École Normale Supérieure of Paris. It operates a highly selective student admission procedure. Students are provided of full tuition, college life and international curriculum. It has roughly 300 undergraduate students, 200 PhD students and 110 professors and researchers. It is organized in two areas, the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Sciences. The last one includes Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Information Science. SNS hosts a PhD school in Mathematics for the Industry and for Finance.

The group of Quantitative Finance ( is composed by three faculty members, 5 postdocs and 7 PhD student. Its research activity is focused on the analysis and modeling of socio- economic systems with tools of mathematics, statistics, statistical physics, network theory, and machine learning. Moreover part of its research focuses on air traffic modeling, by investigating large and complete databases of the European traffic.


Role in the Project

SNS will contribute to the SoBigData RI methods and expertise in social network analysis and pattern discovery. Existing methods will be integrated early in the project and new ones will be added as part of the JRA activities in WP9. SNS will also contribute to the dissemination and innovation activities in these fields, as well as to the evaluation framework in WP11. 


EU Project

See the websites for EU Projects 654024 and 871042 for more details is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License