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The main management bodies responsible for the strategic direction, management and administration of the project: MB


The Project Management Team (PMT) provides a management structure that monitors the progress and quality of the project and resources. The PMT consists of the PC, the PM and the PAM, supported by the CNR European Office (LEAR). The PC may co-opt into the PMT other representatives as necessary to assist her in the day-to-day running of the project. This Team is the central locus for the ultimate success of the project, so particular attention is paid to monitoring the Gantt chart of the Description of Work for time planning, project reporting and financial control to ensure the project is delivered on time and to budget.


The Project Steering Board (PSB) is composed of the PC (chair), the PM and the two deputy project coordinators. Its primary focus is on operationalizing the scientific vision of the project issues. The PSB is a smaller body than the PMB and is more flexible to meet whenever either the PC or a member of the PMB considers this necessary to ensure focused and flexible action. In the first phase of the project the PSB meets twice per month. When the project is well on track, this will be reduced to four to six times per year. The meetings are a mix of teleconferences and face-to-face meetings as appropriate. The PSB regularly discusses scientific progress, dissemination, intellectual property rights, exploitation, legal, ethical and regulatory issues and measures to be tabled to consortium bodies.


The Project Management Board (PMB) is composed of the PC, the PM, the WP Leaders and the technical representatives of those partners that have no WP responsibility. Meetings are chaired by the PC. This committee is the primary executive decision making body. Each area of work will discuss the specifics of their technical input, progress and effort expenditure within their respective work packages and the PMB will balance these inputs, along practical lines, within the overall technical direction agreed in the original Description of Work. Ethics and Gender issues will also be monitored by the PMB. There are meetings of the PMB at least every six months and more frequently, if required. These meetings will be virtual or face-to-face, as appropriate.


All the partners are member of the General Assembly (GA), one person (= vote) per partner. The PC acts as chair. The GA decides on: the yearly technical and financial plan, the plan for use and dissemination, the strategy and procedure for publications, the training programme. All beneficiaries will be invited to participate in the meeting and to ask questions, give advice and propose actions. The GA also plays a key role in assessing and deciding whether milestones have been achieved.


Led by Jeroen Van Den Hoven, professor of ethics at TUDelft, the Ethics Board guarantees the good governance of data and the research integrity and academic ethics, compliance with ethical and legal framework and consultation with external experts when and where required. Nikolaus Forgò, professor for legal informatics and IT law at LUH, acts as Vice Chair and also as the legal counsel to the board. Moreover, as emerged from the Kick-off meeting, this board includes the WP leaders and a representative for those partners that have no WP responsibility.


The TA Management Board (TMB) is led by Kalina Bontcheva (USFD) with the involvement of all WP6 partners. The TMB is responsible for the call publication, advertising, management and for setting up the international User Selection Panel (USP).


The Project Advisory Board (PAB) comprises recognised experts of international standing from a range of academic and non-academic organisations. Members are senior researchers, business executives, educators and decision makers from both technical and non-technical backgrounds. The PAB will review “VA Service Provision and Operation” reports and produce the assessment report, helping to identify problems and possible remedies. The PAB will be invited to attend some selected meetings to offer the project the benefit of their domain and technical expertise and help position the technical advances of the project in a wider scientific and commercial context. The PAB will meet at least three times during the course of the project. The PC will chair PAB’s meetings. Members will be required to sign appropriate confidentiality agreements covering their involvement. PAB is appointed and steered by the GA, and it shall assist and facilitate the decisions made by the GA. The PC shall write the minutes of the PAB meetings and prepare the implementation of the PAB's suggestions. The PAB members shall be allowed to participate in GA meetings upon invitation but have not any voting rights. Since the members of this board are international experts outside the SoBigData project, the actual member of this boards will be invited and discussed during the first year of project activities. The PAB composition is available here.


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