Work Packages

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The work plan groups activities according to the three axes: community building (including innovation and networking activities), building the social mining research infrastructure and making it accessible to its users (provided by virtual and transnational access).

Community building:
• WP2 - NA1_Legal and Ethical Aspects Project
• WP3 - NA2_Dissemination, Impact, and Sustainability
• WP4 - NA3_Training
• WP5 - NA4_Accelerating Innovation
• WP11 - NA5_Evaluation

Building the social mining research infrastructure:
• WP8 - JRA1_Big Data Ecosystem
• WP9 - JRA2_Integrating Big Data Analytics Methods and Techniques
• WP10 - JRA3_SoBigData e-Infrastructure

Virtual and on site (transnational) access:
• WP6 - TA1_Transnational Access
• WP7 - VA1_Virtual Access


EU Project

See the websites for EU Projects 654024 and 871042 for more details is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License