WP1 Management

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  • Ensure administrative and financial management of the project
  • Develop a spirit of co-operation between the partners
  • Enable smooth progress of the work
  • Ensure project reporting
  • Enable an interface with the European Commission
  • Manage the contract and assure compliance with the Commission’s reporting requirements 




T1.1 Project administration and financial management. This task encompasses the essential aspects of leadership and project management required for the successful planning, undertaking and finalising of any project

T1.2 Consortium and Project Management. This task ensures that all partners share the collective mission of the consortium and that all partners are integrated in the general decision and scientific processes. It coordinates the overall project with respect to networking, scientific and dissemination issues to ensure highest quality of service and completing deliverables according to the time frame and foreseen budget 

EU Project

See the websites for EU Projects 654024 and 871042 for more details

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