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WP10 JRA3_SoBigData e-Infrastructure 

The goal of this work package is to support the creation and operation of the SoBigData e-infrastructure that ingrates new and existing national infrastructures and services, and quantitatively and qualitatively enhances them. The activities comprise: (i) studies and definition of best practices/policies for the harmonization of federated resources available at the local infrastructure sites; (ii) adaptation of the existing resources to the identified best practices; and (iii) realization of VREs supporting scientists in benefitting from the integration of the federated resources and infrastructures. 



T10.1 e-infrastructure interoperability. Definition of the e-infrastructure resource model: types of resources (e.g. datasets, services, algorithms) and metadata properties of the resources (e.g. classifications, access parameters, hardware parameters, IPR issues, input/output data types). Specification of data models and formats for data exchange (e.g. data models as service parameters). Specification of common service APIs to enable service pipelining, subscription and notification, access to service functionality independently from implementation. Establishment of resource participation policies by resource typology, e.g. service SLA, QoS, quality and size of data. 

T10.2 Integration to the e-infrastructureIn this task, following the directives of T10.1, all WP10 partners will adapt the resources available at their local infrastructures (i.e. services, algorithms, datasets), in order to permit their registration and re-use in the SoBigData e-infrastructure. 

T10.3 e-infrastructure workflow specification language. Definition and realization of a workflow specification language able to express data processing workflows by taking full advantage of the local properties and features of SoBigData resources as defined in T10.1.  

T10.4 e-infrastructure VREsThis task supports the realization of the “resource catalogue” VRE that offers facilitated access to the e-infrastructure registry. 

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