WP11 Evaluation

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WP11 NA5_Evaluation 

  • To provide an evaluation framework for algorithms related to Social Big Data Analytics
  • To develop test data sets, tasks and metrics and publish these to the wider academic and non-academic communities
  • To engage a wide range of stakeholders in the evaluation campaigns and provide a sustainable future for them
  • To create cross-disciplinary social mining exploratories, demonstrating the benefits of SoBigData’s cross-disciplinary approach to analysing social phenomena (e.g. well-being, sustainable cities). 


T11.1 Establish connections with existing relevant evaluation initiatives.  This task determines how existing initiatives can be linked to our evaluation efforts in T11.2. 

T11.2. Evaluation framework for social data mining. This task establishes a dedicated framework for mining big social data. It develops a series of test collections and accompanying task definitions, needed for comparison of algorithms and approaches. 

T11.3 Sustainability of the framework and engagement of commercial providers.  This task continues the work on the evaluation framework by engaging a range of stakeholders, going beyond the research community from T11.2, and towards the wider stakeholder community and funders. 

T11.4 Cross-disciplinary social mining exploratories. This task creates vertical, thematic environments, called exploratories, on top of the SoBigData RI, for performing cross-disciplinary social mining research.  


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