WP3 Dissemination, Impact, Community Building and Sustainability Activities

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WP3  NA2_Dissemination, Impact, and Sustainability 

  • Develop and manage the communication channels of the project
  • Take concrete steps towards establishing the SoBigData starting community
  • Disseminate project results to relevant scientific communities
  • Put in place a sustainability plan
  • Engage a wide range of stakeholders in order to guarantee the long-term sustainability of the project results
  • Coordinate with WP5 on innovation activities, in order to maximize project impact 


T3.1 Stakeholder Analysis and Dissemination Plan. This task first of all develops a comprehensive stakeholder analysis and plan when and how their needs are addressed. It produces a dissemination plan that lists types and numbers of activities and how they can best target the wide range of stakeholders that the project entails. 

T3.2 Development of Dissemination, Communication and Impact channels. The project has a range of dissemination channels from newsletters, to a website to a strong social media presence, including media and specialized journal.

T3.3 Sustainability Planning. This task delivers a sustainability plan and strategy for the future development of the project results.  

T3.4 Impact Coordination.  This task coordinates all related activities in WP4 and WP5 and produces an annual report on our impact progress, as well as makes recommendations towards next priorities and regions that should be addressed.  

T3.5 Community Building and Outreach. The aim of this task is to establish the common vision and methodology at the basis of the project activities. 

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