WP4 Training and Best Practice Guidelines

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WP4 NA3_Training 

  • To establish a joint training and education resource repository on big social data in the European research area
  • To promote the education of the next generation of data science researchers, with emphasis on social data analytics
  • To connect with research communities not yet linked to social big data resources
  • To engage researchers in new research methodologies for social big data
  • To support the SoBigData research infrastructure usage through user training 


T4.1 Summer schools. SoBigData plans to organize at least 3 summer schools that are aimed at preparing the best PhDs in science and engineering to work as data scientists. 

T4.2 Training Modules for stakeholders. In this task, we deliver a range of open source training modules, that arise from training events. These are integrated into the learning and teaching environments of the project partners and other interested parties. 

T4.3 Series of Datathons. We organize a series of events whose aim is to bring together young and bright minds  and provide theoretical skills and practical advice in using their technical skills and creativity to collect, analyze and visualize Big Data in order to solve important problems. 

T4.4 Addressing gender and diversity issues in data science through training. This task provides a series of training events tailored specifically for high- school students (including some aimed specifically at girls) and promoting the role of data scientists. 

EU Project

See the websites for EU Projects 654024 and 871042 for more details

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