WP5 Accelerating Innovations

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WP5 NA4_Accelerating Innovation 

  • To widen the project impact beyond the scientific communities, by undertaking a wide range of innovation activities aimed at industrial and other stakeholders (e.g. government bodies, non-profit organisations, funders, policy makers)
  • To undertake social innovation activities through building partnerships with industry and other key stakeholders through knowledge transfer and consulting services; training data scientists in entrepreneurial skills; contributions to policy making; and involvement of relevant industrial and standardisation bodies as SoBigData stakeholders
  • To develop an innovation accelerator, which helps measure the impact of the SoBigData research infrastructure on societal, economic, policy, and community levels 


T5.1 Partnerships with industry and contributions to policy making.  This taks focuses on improving the innovation capacity and strengthening growth of European big data companies, through joint activities with SoBigData

T5.2 Knowledge Transfer and Consulting Services. The project partners will set up knowledge transfer and consultancy services, aimed at SMEs and also bigger organisations. 

T5.3 Entrepreneurial skills for big data entrepreneurs.  The aim of this task is to leverage well-structured and known entrepreneurial training courses and materials, currently offered by some of the consortium members in order to spur and/or boost the entrepreneurial spirit of MSc, as well as PhD students and post-doctoral researchers, by providing them with a series of seminars/lectures and coaching/mentoring periods for learning and practicing how to launch Big Data start-ups over challenging and sustainable businesses. 

T5.4. Innovation Accelerator. The Innovation Accelerator is a web platform, already prototyped by ETHZ, which will be adapted in SoBigData to monitor, analyze, and enhance the social processes around data science and innovation. 

EU Project

See the websites for EU Projects 654024 and 871042 for more details

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